General F.A.Q.

We rent, sell and service hot water tanks and water softeners.

Yes, we sell and install water tanks and boilers.

Contact the office at 519-913-1310 and talk to our sales team.

Rental Rates start at $36.99/month

For Rental Customers

Contact the office at 519-913-1310 x2 to get to our service team.

Contact the office at 519-913-1310 to speak to someone about billing.

No, you are renting the unit. Anything that breaks on the unit will be replaced by 4K Energy.

There can only be two account holders listed on the account.

Contact the office at 519-913-1310 to change your billing or see pre-authorized ETF banking form.

Contact the office at 519-913-1310 or fill out the assumption agreement on the website.

Yes, Contact our office at 519-913-1310

To close the account, we need to have a signed Assumption Agreement. Please forward the Assumption Agreement to your solicitor for handling.

Note: You need to state/disclose on the purchase and sales agreement that you are in a Rental with 4K Energy Inc so that you can have the rental equipment transfer to the purchaser of the property.

If you’re a new owner of a new house your account documents will be signed upon closing with your lawyer. If you’re moving into an existing home, you will need to sign an assumption agreement to take over the rental.